Anybody Still Interested in DocuSign API?

I’ve done quite a bit of work on bootstrapping this API (if you will - just getting started with it is rather a chore). This work might apply to other complex OAuth APIs that don’t work exactly like Bubble’s “User-Agent” authentication method expects.

Anyway, I have what I think is a rather helpful template and tools that help get things up and running (but that does not - yet - tackle the somewhat more complex issue of properly managing token expiry and refresh in any automated way).

If there’s anyone interested in this, let me know and I’ll post it in the marketplace.

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And that sample app is here:

(It’s also in the Templates marketplace. Not sure if that’s where you need to go to find an editable version… Bubble website is weird to me sometimes… #shrug)

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Nice work.

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we have just published full Docusign plugin 📄 DocuSign Extended - New Plugin from Zeroqode
hope it’s helpful

Hi @keith, thank you so much for your API Helper with docusign. Unfortunately I didn’t find it on the template marketplace. Do you think it’s possible to open the editor? I could get it working on the demo, but had some trouble documenting everything.

Thank you in advance