Anyone else getting lots of emails from equity firms

Just over the past 2 weeks, I’ve received more than a handful of emails from VC/PE investors asking about my product.

I haven’t followed up on any of them, primarily because I don’t have a lot of interest in taking that route.

I guess I’m just asking: is this a normal thing for you guys building SaaS apps?

How’d you get your company’s name out there? Are you on any SaaS marketing lists? Word of mouth? Would love more resources on launch best practices for those looking to bootstrap rather than go the PE/VC route.

Sure! We get contacted from time to time. M&A associates have to work through large quantities to find a deal so depending on your visibility it’s fairly common to be contacted. I recommend having at least someone on your team engaging these folks in conversation to learn what they’re looking for (they usually have some basic criteria like $1MM ARR) and what they’re trying to accomplish (building a particular type of portfolio, for example). It may give you insight about what you can grow towards and at the least gives you a contact list to reach out to if the day comes that it’s time to start shopping it around to sell.