Anyone else having issues currently?

My app has been working fine for the past week but now I am getting the dreaded, Sorry we have ran into a temporary bug… pop up when trying to login. I managed to log in on mobile, however the functionality is not working correctly. State changes aren’t working as these are what I use to navigate ‘pages’.

Timing is bad as it is being reviewed for app store.

Is anyone else having issues currently so I know whether it is my app or a bug?



@mvandervoort I have noticed this in the past as well. You should file a bug report.

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Hmm I too got this error on Saturaday when someone pointed it out when trying to load the stripe modal. I’ve not checked to see if it went away but def appears to be a bug huh?

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Thanks for confirming. Have logged bug report.

@mvandervoort Going to check to see if it’s still happening on my end and if so, I’ll do the same.

@mvandervoort I too submitted a report. Looks like it is still happening on my end as well.

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@mvandervoort I can confirm that the Bubble team has fixed this Bug for me. Just an FYI.

Thanks @DennisF

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