Anyone else having issues with copy and paste

Anyone else having theses weird copy and paste issues. One new one for example is that it won’t let me paste regular text in-between values that can be inserted. Like for example

(this url)/?QuestionURL=(Parent Groups Unique ID)

I can’t type in the /?QuestionURL= part of it anymore, i used to be able to do it. Now i can’t for some reason. Anyone facing the same issue?

It’s usually easier to type the static text out first. Then go back and add dynamic expressions.

Ya, thats what i would normally do. For some reason it just refuses to let me type the static text. So weird. It used to work fine before without a problem.

Try right-click, then select “Clear Expression”

Yup, i tried that too. It didn’t help either.

Can you send a screenshot?

Sure, when i work on it this afternoon i will try to send one. :slight_smile:

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