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Anyone else? Insert dynamic data no longer appearing on Datasource

The datasource options have “disappeared” for me.

In my editor (on Chrome) I no longer see the dynamic options. eg

Screenshot 2022-01-12 at 13.46.49

What I expect to see (another project in Safari)

Anyone else?

I’ve refreshed the page … :frowning: Bug report time ?

Doesn’t seem that you are the only one:

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Thanks @Jici - I’ll bug report it :slight_smile:


It’s a JS error in the Editor :frowning:

  • I’ve reverted to yesterdays version - doesn’t fix it
  • Cloning the page doesn’t fix it
  • It only appears on my index page as far as I can see so far
  • Restarted laptop doesn’t fix it
  • A mystery page called “index-backup” has started to magically appear :thinking: even after I delete this page …
  • If I paste my index page content anywhere, it “takes” the error with it. Doesn’t happen on a new “fresh” page

To be fair I’ve probably used the editor near 7 days a week for 2 years and this is the first time I’ve hit a blocker issue like this. Oh Well.

Same problem here, I’m regretting my subscription already.

EDIT: For some reason it works on backend workflows, but not front-end.

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Update, now front-end drop downs work, but I’m unable to fill in data source for repeating groups. I can’t click into the data source box.

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@lorenzo1 I got an email from Bubble support, same as @avery - Looks like it is fixed for us. :slight_smile:

Thanks Bubble support @bubble - much appreciated

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