Anyone have suggestions for implementing policies securely in an app?

Would love to get some insight from the Bubble community regarding best practices/methods for implementing policies in your apps. I know a lot of applications have built-in functionality for this that can be configured on the front-end by an admin or user with appropriate permissions so figure these are stored in a Type as things but want to know what the experts say.

Some sample questions include:

  • How do you recommend securely setting a standard deletion policy across an entire app? I would default to Option Sets except this could potentially surface sensitive info to a hacker (e.g., how many days are records retained before deletion).
  • Are there security considerations you’ve encountered when using front-end workflows that you think other Bubblers need to know?

Looking forward to learning from those who know. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing, @cmarchan. This was very informative. Any other tips or resources you’d recommend? Always looking for more best practices.

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