Anyone know IndexedDB?

Anyone in Bubble land know IndexedDB? Looking to discuss possibilities of getting a plugin built to utilise.

Obvs paid job!


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Are you shooting for a PWA?

I’m not entirely sure - I really need someone who knows all the ins and outs of it all to discuss options, best practice and a way forward :slight_smile:

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Never fear, @equibodyapp… I’m sure Heep, BubbleHelpers, and/or have the perfect person for you. Just wait… you’ll see. :wink:


:rofl: :rofl: the spamming is precisely why it’s taken me awhile to make a public post :sweat_smile:


I’ve been already looking at local storage options and have a need in an upcoming project. I am willing to look into this possibly as a paid plugin (low cost) or maybe even a free plugin.

(to be clear I’m not soliciting any payment to build this)


Depending on what you are after, I’d recommend checking out the Floppy plugin that @keith just released :slight_smile:

If you are wanting more than localStorage - i.e IndexedDB then yes keen to chat as am exploring something at the moment.

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Hi @equibodyapp ,

Some time ago we implemented something around this for one of our client project. The goal was to ensure an offline capability with online re-sync.

We used dexie.js for that, and it was quite powerful to actually set up a comprehensive and accessible DB on top of indexedDB. So I think it can be a good direction for you to explore.

Good luck!

@mattmazzega good to hear I’m on the right track…

I’ve been thinking about the pricing and I actually think it would be nice to open source this and make it a community build project. I think a lot of people could use it and I haven’t seen a ton of not-for-profit collaboration from Bubble devs (a lot of individual effort yes, but not as much collaborative). If you are interested, I think I’m going to try to launch something out here next week and see what happens…


@bubble.trouble I can’t seem to DM you, are you able to DM me?? :slight_smile:

subscribed haha

@bubble.trouble happy to help you with plugin development if you are planning to release as Open source plugin.

Hi @equibodyapp,

Good day! I hope you’re doing well.

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@mikeloc and here I was feeling left out :arrow_up: :upside_down_face:


Well that aged well lol.


Hi @equibodyapp

It sounds that someone is working on that right now:

Yes - he kindly did a ‘little’ update for me!!! :smiley:

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