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Anyone made Google Slides work ? Google asks to prove ownership of

Could anyone make Google Slides API Work please share your experience ? There are currently problems with Google Permission and its really hard to make this API work.

I am trying to use google slides and to print dynamically on to Slides. Despite following excellent setup-steps written by Mitch here, I am facing authentication issues. Google won’t authorize me to access my own Google service account’s G-Drive and G-Slides from Bubble. Google weirdly asks me to prove ownership of since it’s from where the request originates. If you see screenshot these permissions are denied showing an orange exclamation. I don’t need access to Gmail or sheets but it won’t let me access slides either.

Were you able to connect to G-Drive or G-Slides and have any tips for me? Did you encounter any objections from Google ? Thanks for your help.

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What verification methods are they asking for?
Usually they will give you an option to put a code in your HTML header where thy can verify. Make sure you typed your subdomain for (Ex:

Thank you,

I think that’s a good tip and will try. I am trying to validate it through Domain registry and obviously, that will only work if I own

Hey @Prashant

That warning won’t actually prevent you from testing things out – you will likely just get a warning similar to this:

You can click the Go to link (marked unsafe) after clicking on Show advanced.

The warning goes away after you have had Google perform their review…but be prepared to defend your need for each and every scope you request access to, and have it clearly documented in your privacy and terms of service.

Hello all, I am posting my problems with Google Slides as a continuation here (as opposed to a new thread) so anyone in the future might use this thread as a reference. The goal is to create an empty slide on google drive, write some text to it and save it.

I am requesting help to address these 2 immediate things.

  1. Below parameters are incorrect and suggestion so I can fix them and move forward.
  2. I am so far finding Slides API complex and has too many variables in setup. The tutorials out there is sample code for coders, by coders. Is there any reference so I understand the entire setup process and has info on why/ how we setup each of the settings below.

Current status :

I understand I need to set the API below and then run a WF to login to make the warning go away.

Below is my API Call and I know its not right, but not sure how to fix so I can create a slide and write to it.

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Hi @Prashant , did you find a way to make this Google slide API works?