Anyone successfully launched mobile app on IOS & android from bubble?

Hi, Has anyone successfully launched their bubble app to both app stores? Any lessons learned as I prepare the source code files?


We are currently having issues as Bubble doesn’t appear to support IPv6 so Apple is flat out denying our app because of the lack of compatibility.

Otherwise, make sure that your iOS app is responsive to iPad and looks good.

I used the @copilot deploy service. They do all the heavy lifting and my app has been on both stores for going on 2 months now. Totally worth the minute cost to me.

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Thanks! Did they do more than what’s taught in the classes that show you what’s required? They walk you through it?

Hey @kcronin99,

We actually do the whole process for you which mostly consists of:

  • Gathering your account details
  • Creating your application certificates
  • Provisioning our test devices
  • Implementing your configurations
  • Packaging and signing for distribution

Supplementary to the above are services below in case you need them:

  • Setting up OneSignal with iOS Push Notifications and Firebase Cloud Messaging
  • Integrating OneSignal Device-to-User links for direct push notifications
  • Integrating in-app purchase and subscription support
  • Rendering listing-ready screenshots and other required graphics
  • Auditing your application for mobile experience and performance

Deploy is currently in Public Beta so anyone with a CoBubble account can book a deployment. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers so reach out to :slight_smile:

@cococubmobileapps Thanks for the shoutout!

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You can find out more on the Deploy page or by emailing us at the address above. :+1:

Yes,, using