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Anyone want a job management/field services app?

Hi guys,

A while back I made a field services app with bubble but I no longer use it and thought I would see if it will help anyone rather than deleting.

Essentially it was to be used for job management for workers in the field, like technicians, electricians, etc. Similar to servicem8 or geoop if you are familiar with them.

I have moved it onto a free plan and if someone gives me a good reason to want it I may be happy to share.

You can sign up or just use a demo account which is [email protected] and password is demo.

On desktop navigation is up the top and on mobile the view is different for technicians.

It might have errors, flaws and what not since I made it a while ago but it might help someone. I did have a website for it but haven’t updated for some time.

Any questions just PM me.


Hy, I am verry interrestet in your App since i am new to Bubble and i want to see what is possible with it on a buisiness scale. Since your app seems to be on of better build ones i found i´d like to have a peek behind the Curtain


No problem @wolfgang.gschiel, PM me your email and I will send you a copy.

@mvandervoort would love a copy, personally been kicking around the idea of building something similar.

Still available ?

I would love to take a look as well, I run a home service business .

Is this thread dead? I am interested. Let me know if still available.

@mvandervoort is this still available?

@kgillespie @b.kenfield

Please take a look at a side project that I am working on (paused for the moment)

Just signed up, I’ll check it out!

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Good day

Is this still available? I will love to use it.


Hi is this still available?

Hi. I would like to have a copy of the app. I dont know how to pm you here.
Can you please guide me.

Thank you.

Hi I would love to have a gander at the program as I am building something similar at the moment. Would love any help I can get. Cheers