API Authentication with user id account id authToken and password

I am having trouble connecting to my third party API? My trial for bubble is almost up and I havn’t been able to figure out how to connect yet, ugh!
The SaaS is ShopVOX.com and it is a CRM program that we use for quoting and order/job tracking. I want to create an app that we can use on our production floor to organize and prioritize the jobs through the manufacturing process. All of our data is in Shovox so really I’m just wanting to build a front end and let ShopVOX be the backend.
Where I’m getting lost is the Authentication. Each user in ShopVOX has a login User ID, Password, then there is a account_ID and a authToken.


Any help or direction would be awesome!


Did you contact ShopVox ?

I replied to an email they sent about “do you have any questions” several days ago and no response.

I am so excited I got it to connect to my API and show a [repeating group] list of the current “orders” Great!

In the shopvox system.
there is a “Sales Order”
each sales order has “Line Items”
these line items can be turned into a “job”
inside this job there can be a list of “workflow” tasks that need to be completed.

-My final go to this application is to get the user to the “task” to be able to mark it Start/Stop/ or Complete.

So now that I have the repeating group of “Sales Orders” I would like the user to be able to select the “sales order” to see its “line items or jobs” in a new page. How do I send that selected rows data to the next pages group?

Remember all the data is coming from the API backend.


I am having the same problem and can’t get a straight answer for SV tech. How did you authenticate yourself to the API?


I worked on the SV api for a year but abandoned it. The SV api has too many holes in it and the documentation is not very intuitive. We still use SV at the shop but I am working on on a new app that fits our needs better. If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of ideas did you have for connecting to the SV API? I might be able to help?

We actually also abandoned it. The client uses SV in the shop and Wordpress for their website backend. My idea was to use WooCommerce as the e-commerce framework and to hook into its ‘payment completed’ action to fire an AJAX call to SV’s Sales Orders API. The hope was that every time a payment was completed on WooCommerce, the order would show up in their SV order list.

WooCommerce is awesome and has a very robust API - SV, not so much.

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