API Connecter with Learny Theme Subscription

Hope this message finds you well:) We would appreciate it if you guys can help us with connecting the Learny theme that we purchased from Zeroqode with the API Connector where when you click the expand it asks us to enter the details! would love to make the existing pricing plan available on the Learny theme work, what are the information required and the steps to have it operating successfully ? Thanks and looking forward to your response

Hey, @lingostop!

Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the late reply :pray:

In order to configure the Stripe payments in Learny, it would be best to check these instructions here. Refer to the section Payments from the tabs on the left, you can find links to the setup of each action of the API Connector.
Basically, you just need to grab your own API Keys from the Stripe dashboard and replace them (besides setting up in the Plugins tab).

Perhaps you can refer to this doc as well.

If there will be any other questions, let us know :slightly_smiling_face:

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