API Connection Error

Can someone help me with this? Thanks in advance

Set the data type as Text

I already did that, the problem is that it returns text values. I don’t know how to extract the data.

I need them to be displayed in the textboxes on front end.

Looks like Bubble isn’t able to decipher the JSON response coming from the API. Probably because it’s being returned with an improper formatting.

Looks like you won’t be able to directly get this as a API data type for this reason.
If you know the layout of the expected JSON response and it is repeatable, you can simply run a regex to extract each value and save them to your DB.
Something like this maybe: regex for json key value - Stack Overflow
Or you could do a ‘run javascript’ with the Javascript to Bubble element of the Toolkit plugin to return the values to you in a way that you can save them to your DB or use them elsewhere in your app.

Thank you is now working. but how can I remove the text inside the highlighted.

Try Value :find and replace
You can set it to find this extra text and replace it with an empty string