API connection with IGDB Job


I’m looking for a API & Bubble.io expert for a job.

I’ve built “GameIT GameIt website” app on my own database and are planing to expand via IGDB’s. I will not replace my entire database with this but will use the GET API function for some data from them.

I need

  • Free games list

  • New upcoming and interesting list

  • Deals aggregator

  • Release calender list

  • Game Trailers list

The same like Opera GX service

I’ve already succesfully connected IGDB API via client id & client secret. Now I need someone to help me extract the right data from IGDB and display it in 4 different repeating groups.

Price will be discussed

Looking foward to hear from you,
Kind regards Hugo

Hi @hugors00

I offer a development subscription with unlimited development requests. I can help you to connect APIs from IGDB. Feel free to send me a PM and we can discuss it in detail.

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