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API Connector cannot read Large JSON?

I am having a problem connecting my API,
because every time I make Initialize Call but the bubble site stop to work and the API does not work properly.
I’ve tried to do it manually but it doesn’t work either because I believe the file is too big and so bubble can’t read.
Does anyone have a solution or I’am doing something wrong?
I’am trying to found in bubble forum but no one talk with this problem here.

API link if someone want to see the entery json data:

thanks already!

In my experience, for large JSON strings the API connector easily times out. Looking at the call data you shared, it seems to be quite big, possibly too big. Check your app’s usage analytics under Logs -> Capacity and see if the app timed out when you initialised the call.

You could solve this adding more capacity to your app. Alternatively you could go with an external processor like Integromat. This worked well for me before, but adds more cost to your setup.

I’ve checked the payload and you will face issue anyway because the json is a dictionnary. You will need to use a different tool to get this and probably convert.

The API offer way to reduce payload with removing details and prices