API Connector error: API Connector error: the Oauth2 API Spotify API Calls is not tested yet. Please run in with the debugger to validate your settings

Dear folks,

I am intending to use the API Connector plugin to connect to Spotify’s API.

Before actually being able to use it, and as mentioned in the configuration page, I have created a login workflow to authenticate with this new service, so that the access token can be used to initiate the API calls.

However, when I log into the app in run mode (debug_mode=true), and click on the button I created for the authentication, I get a “General Error: Sorry, we have encountered an unexpected error.”, which does not allow me to go further.

Last week I already filled a bug report, without no feedback from anybody so far.

I tried this from a different browser, incognito mode, and get something similar:

On a side note, I was able to authenticate using plugin “Spotify Complete” from @vnihoul77. Even though it is very powerful, there are some calls for specific data I can only find through the API.

Could somebody point me to what I might be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!


The code and the full setup of my plugin are open to be seen, so you can maybe try to compare both my plugin and yours to identify the issue.

Thanks for your reply @vnihoul77 !

I am trying to access the plugin page from the link in the plugin configuration page, and the link seems not to be working: https://bubble.io/plugin/spotify-complete-1593153772464x855831961843793900 (it redirects to Plugins | Bubble)

The same happens from your own website: Spotify Complete (button: Page du Plugin)

What might be wrong?

Thanks one more time,

OK, this is solved. It was as easy as to type in the three fields:

  • Login dialog redirect
  • Access token endpoint
  • User profile endpoint

the same information that was already there. By chance the API used in the example (Spotify) is the one I was trying to connect to, and I did not realize the text was greyed out and was not being taken…

one week fighting with this :dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

Dear @Bubble folks, is there any way to make this a little bit more clear/evident?

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