API Connector - Google Calendar API - Delete Events?

Hi Everyone,

I have successfully integrated google calendar sync with my application, and my users are now able to add events directly to their google calendar, as well as retrieve info about their events from google calendar.

The last thing I need to enable them to is to delete/cancel events in their google calendar directly from my application.

Did anyone have any success with doing this using the API connector?

Thanks again for all your support!


Hi. Sorry if I ask question here. Do you hve tutorial how to sync google calendar to bubble (vice versa)? Thank you. :grin:

Hi Shu, Sorry I don’t have a tutorial for it right now, but I can maybe write one out when I have time.

You need to use Oauth to authorize the use of Google calendar, and then set up some API calls through the API connector in Bubble.

I would however suggest you seriously consider the value of this, as I personally ended up spending way too much time on this set of features, which I actually in the end might take out of my app.

I was doing some search about this a few days ago and bookmarked this:

Not so quick, but very feasible.
I didn’t actually try it yet, but it might help you start off.


@shu.teopengco hey, have you figured it out. How to integrate Google Calendar with bubbe.io

Not yet. Have you tried it?