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API connector - returns following message - sorry can't allow you access today

Here is the API endpoint -

Causes the following message:

But works directly in the browser.

Sounds like it is telling me off :joy:

But on a serious note - I am doing anything wrong? There are no restrictions on this API so I am struggling to work out the cause.

@emmanuel are you aware what this error message means?

That is quite odd. I ran the URL via BrowserStack on an iPhone in the USA somewhere, in case it was the physical location … and it works just fine.

Maybe they have blacklisted the IP address range of Amazon ?

This is a message coming from the API provider, not Bubble, so I can’t say much.

Thank you for both checking - I will get in touch with the provider. Maybe I can get them to white label my URL.

But just to check further, the API calls come from my URL, not a separate IP address via API Connector?

It comes from Bubble’s servers.

Is there a static IP I can give them to white label?

No, we can only offer this to users on a dedicated plan.