API Connector sending null for all values

I’m trying to use API Connector to connect to InPlayer’s API and I’m having some issues. I’ve tested the POST: Create an account request using Postman and it works beautifully every time but as soon as I try and bring that over to API Connector, I get an API response stating that every required field is blank. Help!

InPlayer API Doc: InPlayer API Documentation

API Response when I fill in all required fields:

Raw response for the API 
Status code 400
{"code":400,"message":"There are validation errors. Please check the fields and ensure you have all the values entered properly","errors":{"email":"The email is not in a valid format.","merchant_uuid":"The UUID must not be empty.","password":"The password must be at least 8 characters.","password_confirmation":"The password_confirmation does not match the password.","full_name":"The full_name must not be empty and between 2 and 250 characters.","type":"The type must not be empty and must be consumer or merchant."}}

Edit: I just realized that the first error I was receiving regarding the single field being empty was from Bubble due to the Optional box not being checked. I’ve edited the post to reflect that. Obviously, I’m still having the issue with none of the Values being sent.

Could you add a screenshot of your API Connector setup? If it’s working on Postman but not in the API Connector, it’s almost certainly an issue with your use of the latter. You’re not alone though — the API Connector is notoriously difficult to navigate.

Absolutely! Here’s the screenshot of my set up. Blanked the client_ID for privacy but other than that this is exactly what I’m running.

Edit: Also, I understand some of these fields should be private, but I’m just trying to get it to work.

Alright, so I was finally able to get it to work. I figured there were only a limited number of combinations for these options and discovered that changing the body type from JSON to form-data worked!

So I thought I had solved this problem in my previous post by changing the body type from JSON ot form-data, but the problem continues. Same API, different call. My other calls work perfectly fine and my settings are matched everywhere except what needs to be different. I’m tearing my hair out over this!

Working call:

Not working call:

For what it’s worth, the call in question is working perfectly fine in Postman as well.

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Did you have success wit this issue ? I have same problem, but with json body.

According to the apidocs you also need to provide a customer_id.

It is only required when requested by the Merchant. In my scenario, it is being requested by the Customer. My postman request does not contain a customer_id and works fine.

No success yet.

Ah, sorry, I did not see that. Did you already try it like this?

Or did you try this already:

Content-type = application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Inspired by this post from Nigel

And if that does not work maybe try the content-type parameter in combination with body type form-data like you tried above :

This works to me.

Add a header parameter, and in the key field add Content-Type and in value field add application/json

With this, the API will understand the type of data you are sending.

CC @jonathandantaschagas

I tried all of the solutions suggested and I received the same response every time. I actually already had Content-Type as a Shared Header. I tried it in the individual call as well but nothing changed. Tried JSON and the same response as well.

Thank you for the suggestions, however we ended up making a strategic decision to move away from this provider. I spent a good portion of the last week recreating the functionality we actually used (we really only used it for authentication for our assets) from them and decided just to import our db of users.

This video might help