API Connector to add multiple items to Monday.com table

Hello! I’m new to Bubble, developing, and coding.
I’m using the API connector to call multiple items to a table on my Monday account. The text values are loading but not the dropdown items, telephone number, nor the file uploader. Here’s my JSON:
“query”: “mutation { create_item ( board_id: 5805558084, item_name: "<Current_User\'s_first_name> <Current_User\'s_last_name(s)>", column_values: "{ \"texto7\":\"<Current_User\'s_address>\", \"ciudad\":\"<Current_User\'s_city\'s_Display>\", \"dropdown2\":\"In the afternoon\", \"tipo_de_problema52\":\"Community\", \"long_text\":\"<DescribeIncidences\'s_value>\", \"Documentos\":\"<LinkUploadFiles\'s_value>\", \"texto8\": null, \"tel_fono\": null}") { id, name, column_values { id, value } } }”

In bold is the item that I’ve been playing around with for hours and no luck. I’ve tried dozens of different ways, like putting in the status IDs (1: Madrid, 2: Barcelona, 5: Not listed, 19: Valencia), overriding them and more.
As for the other dropdown options, I temporarily chose an option just so it would run (like “in the afternoon”). I’m also unsure how to add the telephone number (the format in both Bubble and Monday is country flag, country calling code then phone number). Any help would be appreciated, even just for one of the columns! Thanks.

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Welcome to the community @pablo7 !

Not being familiar with how Monday’s API expects the data it is hard to comment. Dropdowns IDs, phone and file format … etc. It may require going thoroughly through its documentation.

May be easier to explore if the available plugins do the job perhaps?

Anybody familiar with Monday’s API? :smiley:

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Thanks for the reply! The Monday API isn’t working for me (I’m sure I’m doing something wrong) but I found a way to work around the issue. I changed the dropdown columns to text and now the items are appearing from bubble, including the telephone number too with the country code and flag.

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Now I’m just struggling to upload files into the file column. Anyone able to help with this?

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