API constraints search refer to users

I am using bubble as the native app backend, connecting with dropsource.

i set up searches with simple constraints successfully.

But now i am trying to put a constraints like:
1.- “sex=Current User’s sex value” (i don’t know how to pass the current user reference)
2.- “total<Current User’s zapatos + Current User’s pantalones”

i would like to see a body example of a call with that constraints

Thanks in advance

Instead of using constraints, I’m trying to create an API workflow for each type of my Dropsource pages.
The problem I’m finding is returning the workflow as a list.

Just check the list checkbox and manually change the swagger file so dropsource understand what response is sending

Can you expand on that explanation? Where is the list checkbox you refer to? How exactly do I change the swagger file?

with in bubble, when you create a new thing, where you put the name, below there is a checkbox that says this is a list, check that. to change the swagger file i use stoplight, is free but there isn’t as easy as using bubble. after trying a little you will get use to it.