API consuming data in application

Hi all
I am new bubbler and manage to connect API with bubble api connector.
my question is after my first call
I get the response back , how do i use that in an application.
can someone please help with that??

Hi @sanjay, if you’ve set up the call to “use as data”, then you can use the dynamic expression “get data from external API” throughout the app. For example, if your call returns a list of something, set the data source of a repeating group element to “get data from external API” to display the list of items (you’ll need to fill the cell with text elements to display specific fields).

If you’ve set up the call to “use as action”, then you’ll see the call available in the actions list in Workflow tab under the plugins section.

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hi romanmg
thx for the help.
this was very helpful

Hi romanmg
thanks again for the help. i taken 1st approach to set up call to “use as a data”. I manage to get the data through call. But how do i save that data in the database.

How do i save the data in database
thx in advance