API data comes back to Bubble but my app can't read it

I’m pretty new to Bubble, sorry if this is completely obvious.

I have a Bubble app that places an API GET request to Typeform and pulls back some json formatted data. I wrote my API call in Postman and it worked, and then when I set it up in Bubble, initialized the call and clicked “show raw data,” everything I expected to see was there. Seems like it’s working, right?

But when I put the API call in a workflow in Bubble and try to parse the returned data, everything is empty. Same call, same parameters, and I’m just trying to assign the raw body text from the API call to a variable, but it’s empty. Something weird with the connection.

I’ve been tinkering on this on and off for weeks, but I think there must be something missing in my understanding of Bubble. I’d love your help if you can spare a minute. Thanks!

Be sure to also select Save to formalize the mapping of API response values to Bubble data types.

Thanks for the response! I thought I had done that but just did it again, just to make sure. I think you mean the blue save button when I reinitialize the API call here?

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Yes thank you, I did make sure to save but I’m having the same issue.

Review the server logs to confirm the API request and response were as you expected.

Bear in mind that the raw body text is available only for the entire response–not item by item within the response’s Items array.

Also, to see raw data field when debugging, you need to activate both checkbox for headers and error in API Connector. Once you did that, you need to reinitialize call and set your fields again because this will change how Bubble will assign each key/fields

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