API Error: Error parsing request body: Unexpected token

Trying to pass data to Bubble endpoint from Integromat. It worked previously but then stopped (I did nothing)

Now I always get errors like this
Error: Error parsing request body: Unexpected token
in JSON at position 78

JSON position is different every time

My setup

Can you share in Integromat the input result too?
Also, what do you mean by JSON position is different everytime?

In my result on screenshot, I see “in JSON at position 78”. I noticed that 78 can be different

Integromat input:

Also interesting (that is Integromat direct Bubble integration)

You have a lot of space and new line in content that probably create issue. I suggest you to try sending the payload to a requestbin and inspect it. I’m pretty sure that requestbin will not be able to parse it too. Also, theme is empty and may cause issue. I don’t remember if Bubble expect a null value instead of “”