Api file error response 404 - 1000


I set this call

And i got this response

Any idea how to fix it

Thank you

You cannot post a file using a local path!
Do you have documentation to API?

Yes here

Try to set “Send file” checkbox for the file parameter

Sorry i posted the wrong picture

Here is the new error

You cannot enter a local file path like I told you. You can upload the file for testing.

can you give an example on non path file

url files (https…). When you click on send file, you also have an option to click and upload a file.


I did upload a file from the desktop then initialize the api
There was an issue setting up your call.
but i got this
There was an issue getting the file for the call undefined - API Call. See the response {“id”:“file_1082386978106109952”,“object”:“file”,“live_mode”:false,“api_version”:“1.0”,“feature_version”:“1.0”,“created”:1678131565,“filename”:“cb4ae8324b54e6acd113a559762741bf.jpeg”,“purpose”:“identity_document”,“size”:1290,“title”:“Civil ID”,“type”:“jpeg”,“url”:"/api/v1/files/file_1082386978106109952",“links”:[{“id”:“link_1082386979104354304”,“object”:“file_link”,“live_mode”:true,“api_version”:“1.0”,“feature_version”:“1.0”,“created”:1678131565,“expired”:false,“expires_at”:1913743462,“url”:"/api/v1/links/fl_test_1082386979104354305"}]}



The api is working now , the problem was with the api keys

Thank you for the support

What was the issue in the api? because I am getting same issue with my api could you please confirm for me?

Please share your screenshot