API Json response without status

we’re using the API connector plugin by bubble.
Basically its working fine.
But I’m not getting a status code if the api call was successful.



When I try to do the api call via other tools I can see the statuscode…
any idea?

Check the box: include errors in response.

This may be helpful. You can always assume a “no error” api call was successful, right?

already tested this - but this will only show errors. not the statuscode when the api call went well.

Can you share api doc endpoint you are calling

now my issue becomes urgent :slightly_frowning_face:

I need to solve this and I have no idea :frowning:

the problem is that I do an API call and the status code is not provided in the body.
That makes it realldy diffcult right now to use stop the workflow and to undo some magic in the database.

In step 3 I create a thing in the databse.
in step 4 I want to use the created thing to do an API call.

and in step 5 I want to set a status in the database IF! the api call returns an error.

the http-message that the user will currently see is:

Now my issue is that Step 4 (set the status to not active) isn’t working.

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