Api key name change in workflow

how come when you change the “key” name on a type in an api workflow in the builder, it doesnt auto update the reference name through the builder workflow for that api request? – just like it will auto update when we are working on normal pages, or even backend “database change” calls.

you have to go though an manually set the reference to the same name, even though its the same reference

you need to reinitialize it

but name changes dont need to be reinitialized when changed on a page workflow? so i dont understand why.

I’m not 100 percent sure what you’re talking about page workflow. If I want to connect to a third party service, I setup the API connector. My nomenclature there will dictate what my workflow are able to see. And therefor, if I make a change, I must reinitialize

if your working on a page, with a years worth of workflows set up. and then you go and change the name of the data type, or you change the name of a field, it will update that name throughout your app.

i was just wondering if there was a reason why the name change on a key wouldn’t update the name throughout the workflow.

but i suppose i may have answered the own question as im writing this. when you change the name of a data type, technically the workflows know what datatype it is supposed to be looking for, you just changed the name that you visually see.

but on an api call, the workflows are just looking for a name, and not a datatype. it will read the name and then pull the datatype associated with that key name.

i was thinking there could be an answer for bubble to solve this like when you change a key name it will look for the old name throughout the workflow and replace it with the new key name.

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Oh i see. I thought we were talking about API. You’re talking about field names in the database. Yea, it would be super helpful if when we change a name it’s updated automatically in the workflow instead of erroring out

yeah, im talking about the workflow that is associated with an api call. the associated workflow steps.