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API Push possible?


Is there or is there planned any ways to make bubble initiate and carry out a contact and data exchange with a resource over API - in my case - to update door controller allowed users list or to open/close door on remote command.
There was a workaround in mobile push topic - to use email or sms, but that would overcomplicate things and cause potential scalability issues.


If you have the API, then you should be able to do this via Blockspring or Zapier.

I am currently fiddling with Zapier, and it looks like you could add a simple API trigger without having to code anything.

Yes, Zapier or Blockspring are probably the best way to go.

Nice, thanks a lot. I’ll look into it!

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I would be very interested to know how you get on with integrating an API into one of these, so please report back :slightly_smiling:

OK, will do.


Well, haven’t got any too much to report yet. From studying zapier it seems that to use that, a separate rule should be created for each and every device that needs to be pushable. That’s unacceptable - our product won’t take off this way.
I need to create a framework where a user can create a resource and have the system push updates as needed. Another option would be that the resource/physical device checks in every 2-3 seconds - and that would be a total waste of bandwidth. Any better ideas how to implement pushability?

It would depend on the API you are connecting the other end, wouldn’t it.

Can you send the resource details from bubble ?