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I have a client who is sending a single POST request to one of the workflow’s I have setup.

  1. The workflow takes the Array(List of things) in the POST request and “Schedules a workflow on a list”
  2. The Scheduled workflow Creates a Thing for each item in the Array which came via the POST request.

The problem I am having is I need to send a response using the “Return data from API” but I am unable to send a response for each thing that was created basically having hard time sending a Array back in the response for all the things created.

What I am trying to achieve:
Send POST Request (Contains List of Order) > Bubble Endpoint Workflow Creates PDF Label for each Order > Send API Response with a Array of Url’s for each PDF Label which was created.

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Hi Shawn, did you work out a solution?


Can you have step 1 call the Data API create bulk records, with its limitation of 200 rows?

Otherwise, I can code a custom solution for you in a couple of hours, would you pay for my time? PM for more details if yes.

I have the same issue, use an API array response as an input for another API call. :weary:

I ended up learning JavaScript and that gave me tremendous freedom of building tailored custom solutions. I used pipedream to fix my problem above.

nice that no-code drove you to code, the more you learn the better!

I thought I fixed it with the plugin JSONator

but it’s not collecting data I don’t know why