API response only when not empty or condition

So I have copious amounts of API calls going on… All work without exception and the pertinent data returned by the API calls I’m saving into my database.

So I have one API call which seems to take no more than a couple of seconds to return the json body… for Some reason irrespective of the various conditions i place on the workflow it will not save to the database. Currently I’ve tried every conceivable way of placing a condition that for example when the API response is not empty. I have even set custom states on the page with the API response then within an input element as the customs state
in place with a condition only when this element is not empty. I’m by no means experienced but through trial and error to have a fairly good and solid grounding in the use of Apis in my application.

I’ve tried placing a pause in the workflow to no avail

Is anybody any experience of any other conditionality or steps I could try in order to only progress workflow once the returned API call is available.