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API Responses how to capture (200,400 codes)

Hey guys,
i need some help in capturing the API responses so i save them in a table that stores a list of API calls made. Does anyone know if this is even available?

This will be helpful in a dash-panel i am building that shows errors in API calls for the user to fix

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Ya this needs a bump up if we ever decide to start handling errors right!


Agreed. This request has come up in a few other threads also.

bump up bump up bump up I need this feature

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Bump – is there a way to capture 400 / 500 errors from an API?

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any update? how to handle error with status code.
i want to change when error with code 3003, i want to show alert message.

@AliFarahat have you found the answer?

backendless docs

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Just use when unhandled error occurs in your workflow.

I’ve tried the @romanmg method but it can’t be used to API connector

Then that feauture should be suggested in the idea section

Ya it’s not possible to accurately handle this from our end. Only Bubble can add this error handling. Try to catch all errors with the workflows. If that does not work then you need to rethink your approach

I think if you contact the owners they will add it.