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API - To Return Nested Replies

Alright so i have spent the last couple of months collecting a huge list of vehicle makes, models, variants, versions & Images with technical specifications for an API service/web that i am building. The challenge now is enabling Bubble to return details of nested data (Lists that exist under a row of data)

Using the above image as an example; I would like bubble to return details of the “LIST_Models” and not just Unique IDs of the Models like in the image below!

This is what i want to receive (Notice the models are nested with details)


Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas

I have also been thinking about nesting and treeviews etc.

One approach I have in my head, but yet to try to implement is a Re-usable element with a repeating list, that contains the reusable element in the cell. and then pass a parent/child info in through states etc.

As I say, I haven’t tried yet, but I’m thinking that might be one approach…

For an API End Point?

That’s a whole different area that I haven’t even ventured down that dark path yet! :scream:

Well I found out today that Reusable elements and not permitted to contain themselves…so that scuppered that plan I was trying to implement a hierarchical view of categories.