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API Workflow Authentication

Hello folks,

I have what I hope is a simple question - and perhaps I’m just missing something obvious.

I have API Workflows setup to perform a Login User action first - the user needs to be an authenticated user of the app. This works just fine. However, I’ve NOT been able to use the “token” returned in any subsequent calls.

As suggested in other threads on the forum, I’ve tried putting it into a header as a Bearer token (Authorization: Bearer ), but it appears to be ignored. I’ve also tried turning Authentication on the API Workflow on and off. If it’s on, I’m providing the API Token (under Settings) in addition to Login User credentials (which is highly redundant). If it’s off, providing just the user’s credentials works fine - but again, I can’t get the token to work for subsequent calls.

Part of the issue (perhaps) is the Login User event? I’ve tried a conditional statement saying “only when Current User isn’t logged in” so it doesn’t attempt to perform a login when a Token is presumably present? That doesn’t work. Without a conditional statement, the workflow just complains when both an e-mail and password aren’t present.

What am I missing?

Thanks for the help, folks!