API Workflows not showing in dropdown

Hi all,

I’m trying to schedule a back-end API Workflow from an event on a page in my app.
The issue I’m having is that the Workflow that I’ve created in the back-end is not showing in the action dropdown. See below:

Can anyone please help with this as it’s very important for a big feature on my app.

Thank in advance.

Can you share a screenshot of your backend workflow?

Thanks for the response @shawnmi6

Here’s the workflow I’m trying to schedule:

@shawnmi6 any ideas on this one?

@romanmg any help on this would be amazing.

That’s actually not a Api Endpoint which can be scheduled. That’s a custom workflow in the backend. You can create a new endpoint and set the parameters to manual and just +add one parameter which is a “user” and for that endpoint just create a single step which is basically that custom workflow. You can pass the user you get from the parameter to your custom workflow

That’s extemely helpful. Thank you @shawnmi6