App certifications - data security, GPRS, privacy etc

Hi guys, I’m creating a time management app and I wanted to find out if there are any thirds-party certifications where someone would review my app and confirm that the user data is private, the app is secure, etc.etc.

Also - can user data be private in bubble? So far, I can login under any user I created and see all their data, is there any way to hide it even for an admin? There’s not much use for “security certifications” if I as an admin, can just login under anyone’s credentials and see everything anyway.

Hi there, @Adam.NY… I don’t know if you can call them certifications, per se, but there are folks who will review your app, and you should be able to find them by searching the forum.

With regard to your second question, it comes up often enough, and it couldn’t hurt to refer to this thread from a couple of days ago.


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