App Data and Pop Up

Hey everyone!

I’ve signed up for Bubble not long ago and looking into the Data section a question came up. Maybe someone can advise?

Can the interface of the App Data, Users be changed to something else? I mean the scrolling and organizing feature. It’s very hard to use.
And another question is how can I move the standard Popups higher or lower, it’s a mystery to me right now. Can’t seem to figure is it something like a standard thing.


Hi @kexonoidian! Welcome to the forums!

You can edit fields that show up in the User thing (or any Thing). It helps a little and afiak that’s all that can be done there.

Popups are always centered and “above the fold” - not sure if that’s a bubble thing or a web thing. If you want it somewhere else, you can create a group and style it like a popup, then use “show” and “hide” workflows (or toggles, conditionals, custom states - there’s a lot of options!)

I hope I understood your questions correctly!

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Hi @skylershelton,
Thank you for the explanation. I appreciate it.

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