App Stopped Working Properly - Help Bubble!

Hi everyone,

My app was working fine until this morning where I’m getting some really weird behaviour.

A basic toggle functionality is not being recognized for some reason.


My app is in Beta, I have people using it.

If sh*t like this keeps happening, I can’t recommend Bubble to anyone. What a freaking joke!

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I have same issues just a few minutes ago. CUSTOM STATES are not working for me :sos::sos::sos:

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Yeah, it’s a Custom States issue and it’s inconsistent. I’ve found that the Conditional Formatting recognizes it properly, however, the workflow seems to be missing it. I get this weird effect where if I turn it off, it turns something else on and vice versa.

Now is working properly again :clap: :clap:

Same here.

A question for more experienced Bubble users: how often does shit like this happen?

I want to know if I should stick with Bubble or move to something else.

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The scariest part is the lack of communication. It seems that someone from Bubble’s side decides to fix broken functionality without reporting it back to the user.

For me as a client that might sound like someone is causing issues and then fixing it without reporting back to the Bubble team or us as clients. Something to worry about indeed.

p.s I would change your topic title, bubble is a great product :wink:


Exactly. If they had done this as part of an update, I could just revert back to the previous version. This came completely out of the blue.

For the most part, Bubble is a great concept. I just wish it would consistently be a great product.

P.S. I’m not going to change the title until I get a satisfactory answer from the Bubble team.

@leehaber I understand the frustration - I really do. I’ve been in your shoes multiple times and I do also have people using apps I built on Bubble. However, it’s not productive to fly around expletives in the forum like that. So I modified the title. I do hope the issue gets resolved for you.


Most of the time this kind of issue are fixed very quickly. Dedicated plan doesn’t have this kind of issue most of the time. Cheaper plan are the first impacted by update pushed from Bubble. I would say that Bubble is not different from any other kind of service like that. They can push update whenever they want and there’s so much different configuration that it’s sometimes hard to evaluate risk of an update. But they stated in their last monthly topic that they are working on that to reduce this kind of issue.

What level do you have to be at? I already have a paid plan.

I think that the process for update are: Free plans, Paid plan, Dedicated plan (they can choose when to update)

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I’m having an issue with States now as well. It was working for a while and then a few hours ago it just stopped…

UPDATE: its working now.

Believe me, I’m in the same cesspit of uncertainty with bubble.I dont blame the chap for using what is no longer an expletive. I hear worse on radio every moment of the day. What part of heaven are you in?
Bubble is unstable, unreliable not even 2 9s.
Database very dodgy lately

very unreliable

they use us as guinea pigs

I’m reluctant to move to version 7… until all the CRAP is fixed

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