Appreciation Post

I want to drop a quick line or two appreciating the Bubble support team, especially @sam.morgan. Sam has been an enormous help since coming on board and is a massive asset to the Bubble team and our community.

Another shoutout goes to @mikeloc, @keith, and @adamhholmes, who are constantly on here helping others and providing solid input on all things Bubble. :pray: :pray:


+1 on all but esp @mikeloc who has answered several of my calls for help…always spot on. So generous with his time and extensive knowledge…


Thanks @mac2 ! I appreciate you!

We’re working hard to figure out how more team members can be more engaged in technical support on the forums. I really appreciate your kind words :slight_smile:

I love this product, and was already obsessed with Bubble before joining the team officially, so it’s really my pleasure to be able to interact with our users and help in anyway I can.


Unless they’ve already turned down a previous offer to join the team, I’d recommend getting @mikeloc and @adamhholmes on the payroll :nerd_face:

We have openings for Technical Product Support Specialists, the role that I am currently in :slight_smile: I couldn’t recommend this company more. It’s an amazing job, especially for a passionate bubbler!