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Are those website possible to build with bubble?

Hi guys, I’m brand new here, and pretty excited. I think you’re doing a wonderful job. I’m an italian designer willing to use bubble for a side project, but I’m did not full understand yet the possibilities of Bubble.

  1. As instance is possible to build “a clone” (sorry for the over-semplification) of Or Or Are there some still missing pieces for building them? I’m evaluating which path has less friction
  2. is there a way to start building a web app in bubble and (in the case of upcoming problem or limitation) then tranfer the code in a “standard” language as RoR or PHP? As instance: I try to build my app, reaching 80% of what I need but the app misses some crucial functions. Can I keep the job I did in bubble and ask a developer to complete the project?
  3. is there a chance of having a sort of “pair-programming” mentor? A bubble’s expert who help me once a week for overcoming problems and reach the goal?


  1. From what i’m seeing, it seems that you could indeed build such sites in Bubble. The only thing that sometime is a limitation is some UI effects, but that’s the kind of things we add on request, and we’re generally more than happy to add these :smile: All these apps rely on database rather simple actions: creating an account, logging in, saving some pictures, displaying them, etc.

  2. We don’t support export per se, but you can always code something that is missing (especially using blockspring) and add it to Bubble. If it’s something more core that is missing, we can talk about how to integrate your code into ours (we use node.js).

  3. We have a very strong relationship with Airdev (search for airdev on the forum) and they offer such coaching.

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