Are you a creative freelancer?

My first attempt at using Bubble.

I had a real problem with my clients.
I’d always be waiting for a reply to my requirements questions.
Simple things like - What are your brand guidelines? - What words are off limits in your industry?

and I’s end up with a work crunch because they didn’t get back to me on our agreed deadline.
So I build an automated client content follow up system.

This forum has been amazing in helping me so I thought I’d try and give back.

Check out my thing here

Would love to head what you think about it… and if there are any questions about how I implemented things via Bubble I’m very happy to answer.



It looks much better than my first production project for sure, but now that I’ve been in the bubble world for some time I would say that you need to work on the UI/UX. You can design wonderful UIs with Bubble and the plugin ecosystem.

Overall the idea behind Miraar is good. Sending reminders are one of the things I hate to do the most. I still have to see the One reminder tool to rule them all. So one app to manage and automate my reminder follow-up on forums, social, IM, email, phone and IRL aka Black Mirror :slight_smile:

Good job and keep on.

P.S. You might want to get rid of the blue and hearts stripe :wink:

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Solid advice. Thanks so much.
I’m learning that getting to a simple UI is not as easy as it might first seem.

And oh yes looks miles better without the blue and hearts stripe!!! Much appreciated advice