Associate QR code with the unique id

I would like to have predefined QR codes set in my DB with the “contents” of the QR code being the record’s unique ID so that when a user scans the QR code, it gets the ID and I can then show all the related ID info.

My issue is I cannot seem to connect the QR code with the unique id. I’m using the QR Code Scanner plugin. I can scan and then use Scanner has Data in the workflow, but I can’t find a way to associate the code with the Unique ID.

I feel like this is simple and I’m way overthinking it. Thanks for the help!

Create a page that displays the data you want to present. Your QR code points to that URL. Obvs this is a dynamic page for the type of thing you’re looking to display.

How do I tell the scanner to use the URL from the QR code like this (pic) so I can get the row that corresponds to the QR code’s url…what its reading?

Screenshot 2023-02-16 at 1.36.23 PM

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