Attach .ics calendar file to a Sendgrid email

Hi all,

I have searched the forum but couldn’t find much on .ics files. Bubble has the ability to create a .ics file from a workflow (send event by email) but is there anyway to attach this to a Sendgrid template?

Any help would be great as i’m currently sending 2 emails which isn’t good practice.


You would need a reliable way to generate an .ics file, which another forum member has done by hosting their own external microservice. When your microservice returns the .ics file, then add it as an attachment in your SendGrid POST. It sounds like this method may be a bit hacky, but it will work.

You could check out a service like AddEvent, if you don’t mind paying for a reliable service. There is also a Github repository that shows you how to generate links that will trigger Google/Apple/Outlook calendar scheduling - I’m guessing that Google/Apple/Microsoft online calendars will have deeplinking that should launch their associated native apps on a mobile device.

Hey @supernaturally thanks so much for getting back to me - really appreciate it. Add event looks really interesting and could be the solution will also speak to Keith to see how he did it.

That’s not my use case. Interesting link though

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