Audio Recorder Plugin - Record audio in browser


After talking to some people in the community, I built the Audio recording plugin that actually works-

Check out it here -

This Audio Recorder makes it easy to record the audio using the device microphone in the browser-

:white_check_mark: Start the audio recording
:white_check_mark: Stop the audio recoding
:white_check_mark: Pause/Resume the audio Recording
:white_check_mark: Save the audio recoding to Bubble Database.
:white_check_mark: Check the audio permission on the device.
:white_check_mark: Transcribe the Audio File using Deepgram API
:white_check_mark: Stop recording after pre-defined time.
:white_check_mark: Get Total Audio Duration.

Plugin tested on-

  1. Web Browser-
    1. Chrome
    2. Safari
    3. Firefox
  2. Mobile Browser-
    1. Chrome
    2. Brave
    3. Firefox

Do share your feedback and let me know if you have any question for me.

If you want to test it before buying it - checkout it here.


Nice plugin. I couldn’t find in the plugin store. Would it be possible to add a press event to record and release event to stop recording?

That you can build into the bubble and connect start/stop functionality of the plugin.

thanks. Where do you access your plugin or what did you title it in the plugin store? How would you build that in bubble? Do you have to use javascript?

Just search “Audio Recorder” by Teamvisual in the plugin store or

Get it from here - Audio Recorder Plugin | Bubble

Yes, I used the JS.

Here is the in-depth video on how to use the plugin -