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Hey guys.

I’m working on a SaaS app, and am currently in the process of creating the system management panel (for me to manage the entire system). Obviously, this panel will be able to execute critical actions, like deleting accounts and other data. I’d like to implement a method of verification to be able to execute said action. For example (I’ll use Stripe), when you try to add a team member to your Stripe account, it will ask for your account password to authenticate that process because of the security concerns with that action. Is this same feature possible in Bubble?

Hi there, @ryaavr25… the Check password for the current user workflow event should be what you need here.


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Thank you. Now, is there any way to execute workflows based on the status of the “check password” action? I am aware, after reading the docs, that if it’s incorrect, the workflow will terminate. For example, if the user enters the correct password, it executes actions A, B, and C, but if the user enters the wrong password, it executes actions D, E, and F? Mainly so that the authentication errors can be logged.

Log the action before the password is checked, then clear it if successful?

In the long run, that could become very problematic, because if another user does something that triggers a log, it could result in inconsistent log numbers (for example, log the action before checking the password, which we’ll say is log #12, and then a separate user logs into their account, so we’ll say thats log #13, and then log #12 gets cleared after checking the password, so now there’s 12 total logs, and the next action that get’s executed would be log #13, which would result in 2 log #13s).

I believe I can use the workflow event “When an unhandled error occurs” to accomplish this…thanks guys.

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You just refer to the log from the previous step of the workflow

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