Authentification token

Hello, I connect via a Workflow API (containing an email and a password) and I get a response from my server which contains :

  • userInfos[…]
  • token: ‘1245645158154’
  • user_id: ‘12567421575513125’
  • expires: ‘49600’

I am trying to use POSTMAN to use this authentication token. I wrote this:

I get this error message:
“message”: “Not found”

My goal is to retrieve the user’s info with the token.

Hi @armandpetit.osly
To get logged in user info
You need to create API workflow like this

Screenshot 2022-08-16 at 17.43.57

then from post man make a request like this

Where Authorization is Bearer “Your token”

Ok so until now I used the Authorization : Bearer with the private key of the API Token. From now on, I replace it by the token of the logged user and it works !

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