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Auto-Scroll to prior repeating group entry

Hey guys,
I was searching on the forum on how to auto-scroll back to a repeating group entry after the RG was hidden e.g. via working with multiple states. I now figured it our by myself and thought I share my solution for future bubblers researching it :bulb:

The Use Case
I curate and validate signed up users on my app and hence work with quite a large repeating group. Whenever I miss out on a few days, I get a few hundred in behind and had the problem that I had to scroll down to the respective entry everytime I was done with one entry.

How to solve it

  1. Initial situation

Let´s say you have the following ever expanding RG. When clicked on “edit” it switches states and shows a “deep-view” of the signed up user´s data. The RG disappears due to state conditions and the page is scrolled to the top as the deep-view container lies on top of the page.

  1. Store the current cell´s index that you´re working at in custom state of the RG

In order to save the current cell´s entry (index) that you are working with temporarily you can assign a custom state to the RG when clicked on “edit” (in my case - choose the trigger that suits your case)

Make sure that the custom state is of type “user” and the state is current cell´s user. If you are working with other data types than “user” choose the one that suits your case.

  1. Auto-Scroll back to respective entry when showing the RG again

In order to auto-scroll back to the respective entry use the scroll to entry action on the RG. Here you must choose the previously set custom state of the RG as the entry to scroll to