Auto tab to next field

Hi All,

Is it possible to auto-tab to the next field. I have two input fields, one for hours and the next one for minutes. Is it possible to jump the cursor to the minutes input field as soon as two numbers are entered in the hours field?



Yes, you can use the Set Focus action that is triggered by a Do When Condition is True event

Cool, That I found, but what expression do I use for ‘only when’? How do I identify two ‘random’ numbers are entered.

“If two numbers are entered AND if value is valid”


Here’s a demo. There are a couple different ways you can configure this. I encourage you to experiment with different approaches that fit your app’s structure.

Thanks Dan! Interesting, but I use decimal as content format as there are some validation rules that are not availble on text (numbers only). In this case the character count is not available :frowning:

Since you’re measuring hours and minutes, is there a reason you’re using decimal instead of integer?

I have a “minutes” input field and a “seconds” input field. And I have an action similar to what @dan1 showed in his gif that sets the focus to the “seconds” field once the “minutes” field’s number of characters is 2.

However, it takes a second or two for the focus to move to the “seconds” field after the “minutes” field has been entered.

Is there any way to make the focus change more immediate?