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how do I trigger a popup when a new record gets added to a Thing. I have an API workflow which creates a thing. So I’m trying to popup on the UI side that a thing has been created.

If someone can point me in the right direction, it’ll be much appreciated.

Create a backend workflow that triggers based on a thing change.



In front end, trigger that workflow every 5 seconds or so. When the returned data is Yes, do something.


Hi thanks for the quick response.

The only thing is that there will be a lag. I’m looking to popup in sync with an real time event elsewhere. So it needs to trigger almost immediately.

Almost wondering if I can trigger with JS somehow?

Just make a field for a user called “last notified for something”.

When current users “last notified date is greater than now”, do this.


  • You can create a setting for this, to make it so it only happens when you have it turned on.
  • You can dynamically change the times if needed.

You could just have a “Do When Condition is True” event that has a listener on the database value you want to check for and compare it to a custom state value that has the currently known value (known to the UI). Set the event’s “Run this” to “Every time” rather than “Just once”. When the event is triggered show the pop-up as action step 1 and change the value in the custom state to the current database value for action step 2. You will have to grab the database value initially on page loaded and store it in the custom state to prevent it triggering initially. This will definitely cause a realtime response/trigger on the UI without any multi-second lags.

Hope this helps.

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@gazinhio , my guru. Thanks. This works perfectly.