Automatically Deleting Child of Parent

Thank you in advanced! I’m sure I’m missing something very simple.
Objective: When I turn a Parents database status to “No” (not active). I would like the the Children to also have a status of “No” (not active).
Note: The Primary field is in both tables
Best - Scott

Hi Scott.
If I understand you correctly, this is what I would do:

You have the datatypes Parent (e.g. John, Dave, Megan)

You have the datatypes Children (e.g. Ma and Mi are Johns children, Jill is Daves child etc)

You linked them together during creation I hope. With this, I mean that each parent field has a list of children. When John “creates” a child : ), it is added to his list of children.

Then let us say you have a repeating group which shows all parents.
It also shows current cell`s parents status.
If you now click to toggle Yes to No.

Then add 2 workflows.

  1. Make changes to current cells parent. Status= no.
  2. Make changes to a list of things. List to change: Current cells parents children. status= no.

I have part 2 done here, but with orders and items instead of parents and children.
2020-04-27 17_57_11-Backends _ Bubble Editor

Hope I did not misunderstand what you meant with the primary field being in both tables and this helps you.
Let me know if you have any questions

Or … in the super whizzy new Bubble feature …

Do it automagically by watching the parent for changes and triggering if the status becomes “N”.

Helpful if you are changing it in multiple places.

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Thanks so much for your input.


  1. “parent field has a list of children” I have searched how to do this and I’m coming up sort. Is there a forum post or something re this? What I’d doing now is when I create a Task I put in the Tasks associated Goal in one of the Task Fields. So there is a Suto link between tables.
  2. Current Use Case: I have a pop-up to delete a Goal (set it to No). I would think that one way to do it is to set a follow-up action > Switch and Go To Task Data base and search all task the have same Current User and Goal and set to No?

But, probably saving the Task under the Goal in a more database efficient way would be best or?

Best - Scott

saving the task under the goal is much more database efficient.

I have it here with orders having each a list of items.

See also part 4 and 5 after.

you can also watch the follow on video.

Hi Julius,

Thanks for all your help. Love you YouTube videos.

I have some success and failures :wink: I made a video

Best - Scott

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Hi Scott.

Regarding the making changes to a list of things.
You are using “Make changes to a list of things” but referencing the “Current Pages Goal”. It says this in my screenshot but apparently I did not make it clear this was just an example. You would want to reference the Popup`s Goals (list of tasks)

If you need to send more data to your popup, not quite sure after just a short video, then check this video on custom states I made.

Regarding the sorting, you can use the below. An alternative to :sorted by is :filtered as this gives you the same option.



I can’t believe all your help so far! Now right now I’m not feeling like the smartest knife in the drawer LOL.

  1. I change the Pop-up Data from Goals to Task
  2. Do I first create the new State from the Pop-Up?
  3. I’m missing something simple re setting the new state (is the state name a merging of the custom state and if so how do I do this

Best - Scott