Automatically Log Out User

Hey all, just wondering if Bubble automatically logs users out after a certain time period. Here’s the situation:

I’ve logged into the app. I use the app every day, and I’m logged in automatically. I’m wondering if there is a point in time where Bubble says, “Hey, that person has been logged in too long, let’s log them out for their own good.”

On other apps I’ve worked on, the user session expires after 24 hours, or 2 weeks, or some set time period. Does Bubble have an opinion on this?


maybe an API workflow?

From what I’ve asked support, if the checkbox “Stay logged In” is unchecked, the user will be logged out after 24 hours. If it is checked, then forever and ever.

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@cm1 that’s what we were going to do if Bubble didn’t have something built in for it.

@peng.o thanks for the insight! We’ll probably end up building in a 7 day login period using the API workflows.

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So I see the “stay logged in” option when user logs in thru the log in workflow. However, what about times that the user logs in after s/he signs up via the sign up workflow?

Currently Bubble automatically logs people out after a day goes by.

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After 30 min Research on the forum I think this post is appropriate for my question.

How to keep user logged in when I use the sign up / login with social network (Oauth) action?

I’ve seen an example here but I’m using the default action from Bubble.

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